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Saving Utility Costs & Off Grid Solutions 

Earth Wind & Power implements a combination of powerful products that will deliver sustainable including an urban wind generator that can produce up to 100kW, also capable of storing energy with flywheel storage technology, an IoT Automated Energy Management and Data Control System with or without our battery produces installed in your building. 

Together with our partners, we provide a variety of energy efficient solutions for all types of properties and businesses and a unique a independent renewable energy source generated from our Rooftop wind generating unit  that is capable of reducing energy costs in your building or even replace grid power energy in your building.  Earth Wind & Power Microgrid solutions installed right on your property or rooftop will allow you to power up with your own "Off-Grid" Independent Power Microgrid.  


Our Automated Energy Management & Data platform will manage your electric power in the best possible cost efficient manner day or night, including real time and logged data information you have right on your desktop without having a technician make adjustments and change settings weekly or even daily.


Each property is carefully evaluated to determine how and where our products fit your needs best.  In most cases you will utilize all of our Powerful products to achieve the most robust and profitable system for your company. In some cases, installations may consist of other services that EW&P will include when applicable; such as solar, LED lighting, Lighting control system or a minimal UPS installation.  


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