Energy Loss With Harmonics

Improving the Power Factor 

Under ideal conditions, when linear loads draw power, currents and voltages balance between distribution phases so neutral current is minimal and neutral voltage variation is zero.  Earth Wind & Power provides a Harmonic Filtering System that will correct and improve operating efficiency throughout your entire facility thus, lowering your operational costs.  


The filtering system is installed in each electric panel and sub-panels to assure the electrical system is balanced and operates in the most efficient manor and as per the specification requirements.  

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LLP Neutralizing Device.JPG

An inefficient power factor will increase a client's utility bill because the power factor will cause the kVA demand to be higher than the kW demand. ... By accumulating and holding electricity, capacitors increase a system's carrying capacity, which raises the kW power factor and reduces kVA demand.


How is PF calculated on electricity bill?


Power factor (PF) is the ratio of useful current to total current. It is also the ratio of useful power expressed in kilowatts (KW) to total power expressed in kilowatt-amperes (KVA). Power factor is usually expressed as a decimal or as a percentage